2 Unit 1: A Lot; There, They’re, Their; To, Two, Too

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Unit 1 A Lot; There, Their, They’re; To, Two, Too pdf

This is the first bunch of overhead instructions, overhead practice, individual handouts / and worksheets. The unit includes the first quiz.

I suggest working on a three-class-session rotation system with all of these units. Day 1: Introduce the concepts, work as a class on the overheads, and assign the worksheets. Day 2: Review the concepts, correct the worksheets, and catch up anybody absent for Day 1 instruction. Day 3: Give the quiz and correct.

Since quizzes are cumulative, students absent for a quiz simply take the next quiz and write at the top that it counts for two.

When I have a skilled group of students, I don’t assign the worksheets, but I do make them available for practice. A quick alternate way of checking to see who does and who doesn’t understand the concepts is to ask students to write a sentence using “their” and “too,” for example. These sentences are quick to correct and prove to students that they don’t always know what they think they know.



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